How Raised Beds Gardening Can Be Simple And Fun

Now I have never been much of a gardener, for many reasons. This was a gift of my Mothers, and she is an amazing gardener. So this year when I bought my new house I really wanted to look into some type of aesthetic gardening for the yard. I had looked at some books at the bookstore like, gardening for beginners, vegetable gardening for beginner and direct gardening. They seemed to contain a lot of information yet I was still confused as to what was right for me. I figured why not ask my Mom; she was the best gardener I knew. It seemed to make sense; she knew me well and knew the logistics of my property.

So I invited my Mom over for coffee and asked her advice. Her face lit up and the questions started. I told her I wanted to do some flowers as well as a few vegetables. I also told her I didn’t want something that was going to require a lot of my time. As well with having back problems and arthritis in my knees the physical aspect of gardening scared me. Right away I could see she was all full of ideas. She had many ideas but I really liked her suggestion of doing some raised beds gardening. She explained the advantage to doing it this way. She explained with the beds raised it would be easier for me to tend to them, I liked this idea. She also said with the limited space in the backyard the raised beds would be perfect. With a raised garden it improves the drainage to your plants. Also since when tending to your garden you are not actually stepping into it, you can raise a larger quantity of plants. It’s also true that many animals that like feasting on your garden will find it harder with a raised bed garden. Watering is also more efficient as you are only watering the plants and not the area all around them. So you can also plant closer together and have more. Since our backyard had lots of cement statues she suggested using concrete blocks to make the raised beds.

She then told me getting the right supplies and the best product to start was the most important thing, next to proper care. Being an avid gardener she knew where to get the best product. She told me about Gardening Direct. We went on the internet and I was amazed at the quantity of product they carried. Within 30 minutes we had ordered everything online through Gardening Direct and it would be here within days. We made plans that my Mom would come over that weekend to assist me with the raised bed gardening. I was really excited about my upcoming project. We spent most of that Saturday morning constructing the raised beds. I chose to do one with flowers and the other with vegetables. By noon that day we were enjoying a beverage on my deck and admiring our handiwork. Now if I knew raised bed gardening was going to be that easy I might have done it sooner.