Most Popular Women’s Tattoo Designs – Wrist, Upper Back and Side Designs For Girls

Most people have been starting to notice that over the past few years the whole world has changed. One segment that has really seen phenomenal growth in the arena of tattoos and tattoo design has been that of women’s tattoo designs. It used to be that very few women would get tattoos and those that did often got small designs that would be covered up. However, that is luckily no longer the case and more and more women are getting tattoos these days than ever before. The great part about this growth is that it has lead to many more women getting into the field of tattooing and there are more female tattoo artists than ever before. Thus has lead to many more designs being produced for women. In the past the market was such a small segment that flash artists often would not develop much flash or many tattoo designs specifically targeted to women. These days though it is such a large sector of the tattoo world that there is more and more women’s tattoo designs being developed all the time. Now women are starting to push the envelope and starting to create their own new trends and hot ideas in tattoo design.

Here are some of the most popular location and designs for women.

Feminine Wrist Tattoos

Feminine wrist tattoos have been a very popular trend recently. There are a lot of different designs that can work well for the wrist. There are full wrap around tattoo designs that are often done as floral tattoos. Also under wrist single word tattoos are very popular for women these days.

Feminine Upper Back Tattoos

One of the more recent and quickly growing trends in women tattoo designs are upper back tattoos. Throughout the 90’s the lower back tattoo was all the rage. However, this tattoo has been kind of overdone and now women are seeking out other locations to get tattoos done. One of the more popular options these days is the upper back and even full back tattoo designs. Some women are still getting lower back tattoos but instead of the small lower back they are getting large designs that start on the lower back and come up mid way and create a whole scene of something like fairies or angels in the forest as an example.

Side Tattoos For Women

Another trend that many women are getting into is side tattoos. These often start low down by the hips and then come up the side and onto the rib cage. This allows for a pretty big area and can accommodate a large tattoo design. The benefits of bigger tattoos are they can be more intricate and detailed then a small one. Words and literary tattoos are one of the most popular design options for this location on the body. Also koi fish and dragons are gaining in popularity for side tattoos. Of course the floral and flower tattoo designs can also work very well on the side and make for a particularly stunning tattoo.

Whatever area you choose to get a tattoo inked on your body you now know that there are so many more options out there. Hopefully the ideas and locations provided in this article will give you some good places to start and some basic ideas to run with. Make sure to take your time and find designs that you like to use as a resource when you create your own unique tattoo.

Is A Design Build Contractor The Best Contractor For The Job?

Traditionally the design phase and the build phase of a project have been kept separate. The project is first designed, next it is bid on by contractors, and then construction begins. This often leads to problems for the customer when the design comes in conflict with what can be built. A design build contractor eliminates these problems by integrating the design and build phases.

A company that specializes in design build contracting will often employ both design and construction specialists. By streamlining the process and keeping all the principles under one umbrella the project timeline is shortened and problems that would normally be the cause of major delays are quickly identified and solved. This method also provides the client a level of protection. They are no longer placed squarely in the middle of any problems that might arise between the designer and the builder. The designer and builder are essentially the same person.

In order to determine if a Design Build Contractor is the right choice a client must look at the benefits they have to offer. Listed below are 5 advantages to the Design Build concept.

1. One Voice

Traditional contracting requires the client to select a designer, put the design out for bid, select a contractor and then act as a go between throughout the life of the project. The design build method eliminates the means for a go between. The designer and contractor are working for the same firm and as a team. There will be a single point of contact throughout the entire project.

2. Developing a Workable Budget

By integrating the design and building process there is a free flow of information between the two disciplines. This can only serve to keep the project within the agreed upon budget. There is no chance for miscommunication in the early stages of the project. A real working budget can be more firmly established. As the project progresses, it can be quickly determined if potential design changes will affect the overall budget and whether that change is acceptable or not.

3. Free Flow Of Ideas

It is a rare project where everything goes exactly as planned. Often plans must be adjusted on the fly to overcome unforeseen obstacles. In traditional contracting this can slow work to a crawl as the design and build teams try to find a middle ground. In the build design method these issues are quickly addressed and can be solved very quickly. It is not uncommon for a design build firm to discover potential problems in the design long before the first shovel of dirt is turned.

4. Speedy Completion

The design build method is simply faster. Bid time is reduced and work can begin before the design phase is completed. Future problems are often addressed and solved long before they even become an issue.

5. Quality Control

Having all aspects of the build process handled in house means that the focus will always be on quality for the client. There will be no cutting corners when it comes to materials or labor.

The design build method has much to offer for all manner of construction projects. Whether the client is planning a manufacturing plant, vacation park or a large multimillion dollar office complex, they will surely find it advantageous to use a firm that incorporates all aspects of the build process.