A Comparison of Traditional Vs Modern Bedroom Furniture

If you’re thinking of updating the look of your bedroom furniture, you will be faced with a multitude of choices in furniture styles. Many people don’t actually know the details of what makes modern furniture different from traditional furniture. A quality set of traditional or modern bedroom furniture can last you years to come as long as you find a set that you love. Here are some differences to note when making you choices:

Beds And Mattresses

The bed is the most unique piece of modern bedroom furniture. With just one glance, it’s easy to find a contemporary bed in modern furniture stores. A traditional bed typically has a metal frame, box spring, mattress, headboard and sometimes a footboard made out of wood or metal.

A contemporary bed is usually a simple platform with a mattress on top. It may or may not have a footboard and the headboard can be made out of wood or even covered in fabric. It’s even possible to find a modern bedroom furniture set with an adjustable headboard bed. Some beds even have attached side tables if you have a smaller room without space for nightstands.

When looking at modern furniture stores for a new bed, ask if you should also buy a special mattress. Your old mattress may not provide enough support without a box spring underneath so it may be a good idea to replace the mattress at the same time. Modern furniture stores should have the proper mattress types available for you to try before you buy.

Dressers And Armoires

Like traditional dressers, a dresser that’s part of a modern bedroom furniture set can be vertical or horizontal. What makes them different is their construction and style. A traditional dresser may have ornate carvings and handles on the drawers, while a modern piece will be sleek and smooth. Drawer pulls or handles on a modern dresser will most likely be simple or even not there at all.

A modern armoire can keep either clothing or electronics out of sight. Many armoires offer two or three drawers on the bottom and two doors that can close to hide what’s inside. Armoires are the perfect solution to a room with a small closet and not enough space for multiple dressers.

Accessories Like Lamps And Artwork

Accessories can make a room, so make sure to search traditional or modern furniture stores for accent pieces like lamps and artwork. A modern lamp will likely have a sleek, simple base made out of wood or a silver tone metal, while traditional lamps may have decorative carvings. The modern lampshade can be square or round made out of fabric, durable paper or even glass.

Modern artwork is unlike traditional artwork. Often times, modern art isn’t a traditional scenic picture or painting. Modern artwork uses clean lines and color and the frames are usually simple and made out of wood or metal. Many times, modern art is meant to be grouped together, creating a unique look out of multiple pieces of artwork. When shopping at modern furniture stores, be sure to choose artwork and lamps that coordinate with your new modern bedroom furniture.

Modern bedroom furniture differs from traditional furniture, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be replacing your set every few years to keep up with furniture trends. If you’re able to find knowledgeable sales people who work in modern furniture stores, you’ll be able to pick a bedroom set that will provide you with years of timeless style.

Getting the Best Timber As Part of Your Wood Furniture

When buying wooden furniture, you should consider just one thing, that is the best wood for your home furniture. Why you should find the best timber? Furniture is the beauty of your home interior. By choosing the best, you are contributing to the beauty of the maximum. Not only that, the furniture of the highest quality materials will meet your expectations to get the furniture that lasts for a dozen years. Resistant to weather, water, and hot sun are all things you can get through the wood of the highest quality.

In this article, you will find some of the wood was recommended as the best for wood furniture. List of timber you’ll find are from various parts of the continent and has been proven as a strong and durable wood as part of your wood furniture.

Western Red Cedar

One of the best woods for furniture. Derived from the giant tree that provides a wide and sturdy wood. Resistance is evident in virtually all climatic conditions and has been widely used by many consumers. This wood has a wonderful aroma even placed on limited space and do not bother you.

Sugar maple

Wood species are very versatile in any case, including wood furniture. You will find these useful timber for furniture, block letters, to billiards. Has resistance to color and internal resistance is excellent. This wood comes from Canada and could be one of the best woods in your furniture.

Brazilian mahogany

Mahogany wood furniture is known as one of the best in the world of furniture, and you need to get a Brazilian mahogany because the quality is always consistently at the highest level.


A timber that can survive in a variety of weather conditions because the natural oils emanating from his pores. Including Teak hardwood species are of high value and very popular in the world. Java Teak furniture known since several centuries ago because of its quality. The strength of wood, beautiful brown color, a unique fiber and resistance to all weather is unmatched by other types of wood. Besides not easily broken in a collision with a metal object, teak does not require much maintenance.

India laurel

It is a species that resembles a walnut. It is a material that is very strong wood furniture, straight and solid form.

European walnut

It is considered a timber the best wood. You will get the ease of use., Best texture, sturdiness and resistance levels on a variety of weather conditions. Stability makes this wood is highly recommended for your furniture.

American cherry

One of the best woods in America. However, you will be hard to get out of America because the wood is rarely exported.


Wood has good resistance to decay for wood furniture and flexible. Suitable for your furniture and can last for a dozen years. Freely available in South Africa and what you get in your country fairly easily as the world continues to be exported.

To get the best furniture, all you do is make a selection that is so selective timber. There are three things you should consider in applying the selection of wood furniture, namely durability, weight, and beauty of the wood.